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Why Taiwan?

by Jason on September 6, 2010

The common question Callie and I get asked is, why Taiwan? ¬†Well, choosing a country is an inexact science. It’s mostly done with trusting your gut, closing your eyes, and hoping the dart hits land on the map.

A few months ago, Callie and I realized we ended up in Langley, BC by default. We came there to work at WarriorSage. Our time with them both ended. The whole reason we both came to Vancouver was to work there. We didn’t have any current obligations tying us there. I could do my coaching from anywhere in the world. So we asked the question, where do we want to live? And we didn’t restrict the answer to North America. Hence the dartboard.

At first, we thought Peru. I love Peru. I’ve been there. Then we met a guy named Kent at a mechanic shop who had been living in Taiwan for 12 years. He told me all about Taiwan. I spoke with him for 2 hours about it. I came home and told my wife. I mentioned tropical island and a beach, and she was sold.

Well, Taiwan is democratic. They’re a 1st world country. They speak enough English so we’re not completely lost. Taiwan is within a 4 hour flight from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Japan, etc. Cost of living is very low compared to Canada. So are taxes.

We love the culture. We love the people. We love learning Chinese. Oh, and we love the food too.

But meeting Kent was probably the biggest reason we are here. Would you follow a guy you met at a mechanic shop halfway around the world to Taiwan? We did.

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