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Podocnemis unifilis, Chelonoidis denticulata, Spectacled Caiman and Melanosuchus niger

by Jason on August 14, 2012

These are pictures of turtles and caimans in Manu National Park in the Amazon Jungle. The first are the yellow spotted amazon river turtles, also known as taricayas en Spanish. Their scientific name is Podocnemis unifilis.

These next pictures are of the ground turtles, not the river turtles. The scientific name of this turtle is chelonoidis denticulata, and it’s name in Spanish is motelo.

The black caiman is next. Its scientific name is melanosuchus niger. The black caiman is found in oxbow lakes and swamps in the Amazon Jungle.

The spectacled caiman, or white caiman is commonly found along rivers in the Amazon Rainforest. This one is along the Manu River in Manu National Park.

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