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Piranha Bite in Manu Park

by Jason on July 23, 2012

One of our team members was bitten by a piranha yesterday when we were out retrieving camera traps here at Cocha Cashu station in Manu Park. The team member was wading a small stream that came up to his chest, the same stream that I traversed about a half kilometer downstream.

He felt something bite his finger, and it hurt quite a bit. Somehow he caught the fish that bit him, which he found out was a piranha. Here is the picture below.

I asked him about being bitten by a piranha. He told me it hurt. Obviously. Quite a bit. Sometimes, their bite can take a small piece of flesh, but sometimes not. No flesh was taken. There was no blood beforehand in the water, but the piranha still bit him anyway. Sometimes that happens. There was some blood afterward. And that’s all he had to say.

So that is my relaying an actual piranha bite on our excursion. It could have happened to me, but I have not yet had the fortune of being bitten by a piranha.

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