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Our Friend, Kent

by Jason on September 4, 2010

One rule of thumb: wherever you travel, make sure you know someone who knows the area. Kent is a big reason we decided on moving to Taiwan. I met him while I was getting my car fixed. I was in the mechanic shop at Roadrunner Auto in White Rock, BC. We started chatting, and he told me all about Taiwan. I came home and told Callie and she was sold. Thank heavens for Kent. We didn’t know anyone or anything when we arrived here. He has shown us around everywhere. He took us out to Taipei 101 on the weekend. He paid for dinner for us. He brought us some Taiwanese dessert one night. He introduced us to the school where he teaches English. He even exchanged his motel room with us so we could get the bigger room and get out of “the box,” as we lovingly dubbed it. Without him, we would have felt like fish out of water. He helped us ease into everything here. He speaks some Chinese and has helped us get by. He’s been informing us on some intricacies of Chinese culture. He’s shown us some good restaurants and where to buy food. Thank you, Kent!

(In the picture, Kent is the one behind Callie.)

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