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More Insights from Manu Park

by Jason on August 5, 2012

Today I woke up late and I didn’t go out with Ingrid on the canoe on the lake. She went out and the river otters swam right next to the canoe and even crashed against it. They fished right next to her and stayed around her for a long time. In all my times going out on the canoe, that hasn’t happened with me, even though I’ve seen the otters a number of times.

I asked why that didn’t happen with me yet. She says she has a great relationship with nature and that she is at one with nature. I asked about my energy with nature. She said that I just want to see everything, that that’s my energy with nature.

Carlos Casteneda immediately came to mind. This whole time I’ve had my own agenda of what I wanted to see. I haven’t bothered to follow Oliver’s advice and commune with Mother Nature or with God.

I also immediately saw that I haven’t prayed in a long time. I haven’t asked for God’s help in a long time. A long time ago, I stopped trusting in God because I felt He wasn’t helping me and He had left me in the ditch. I also saw a while ago that that wasn’t true.

But I haven’t returned to trust in God. I thought I was responsible for all my success, that I was doing it. That God didn’t help me. That God had no part in my success. I felt God didn’t help me when I was failing, so I didn’t need Him when I was successful.

I saw today that God did everything for me. I wasn’t the one doing anything. I wasn’t the one who caused the success to happen. I just aligned myself with God, and He did the rest.

What I realized today is that I need God more than ever. I NEED to pray. I have to be at one with God, with Mother Nature. I have to be in alignment and be at one with everything. That is why I’ve gotten to where I have.

I am forming now a different relationship with Mother Nature for my stay here. I won’t have my own agenda. I will commune and pray with Mother Nature, with God. I will do the same for my life, for my business, for my finances, for my relationships, for everything I involved in. I will pray and be at one with God with whatever is supposed to happen.

I also realized that I am just an instrument, a conduit for God for other people. That is my role in my business and my life. The more I purify myself, the more I open up that conduit for other people to experience miracles.

That really changes things for me. I had been so focused in creating $250,000 a year and getting my first $25,000 client and trying to make it happen that I forgot about trusting in God. I forgot about being a conduit for others and really serving people.

I feel my motivations changing, about WHY I do things. I feel like I am more pure now in my motivations, that I am doing things really to serve others now. I feel like I have the interests of God and of others ahead of my own, at least part of the time now. And with awareness, I know that will change to most of the time, if not all of the time.

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