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Home Sweet Home

by CallieDawn on January 6, 2011

You know you are back in Taiwan when…

You go to the woman’s washroom and every single stall has piss all over the toilet seat….because they just don’t use toilets as toilets

You are standing in line for a bus ticket and three people make their way in front of you before you complete with the clerk who is serving you

Your bus driver changes lanes forcing the cars in the parallel lane to slam on their brakes so they don’t get run over

You almost run over a cockroach, that skillfully dodges your suitcase wheel, as you haul your luggage home

You hear the garbage man driving down the road playing his old familiar tune and the sounds of ambulances appear every few minutes or so

You can smell the freshly fried Chinese food and stinky tofu as well as the stale water and sewage smell as you walk the sidewalk home

It some strange, weird parallel universe…it feels good to be home 😉  It’s hard to explain, but hey, what isn’t.

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