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Holy Typhoon, Batman!

by Jason on September 20, 2010

I was speaking with Kent a few days ago.  He is one of only two people that we know here in Taiwan.  Callie and I don’t watch the news here.  While we were speaking, he mentioned as an afterthought, “Oh, by the way there’s going to be a typhoon here coming in tonight.”

Uh…..OK.  Got it.


Luckily, I didn’t have to ask him for his typhoon preparation manual.  He told me to stock up on a few days of water and food.  Depending upon how severe the typhoon was, the stores could shut down for a day.  Sometimes the water would be shut off too.

I do study geography, so I took a look at the map and the point of impact.  Taipei, where we are, is on the west side of the Taiwan mountains.  The typhoon was going to hit on the east side.  Taipei is 30-40 km from the ocean.  All in all, we were in the best possible spot to be on the island.  The east coast sustained winds of up to 220 km an hour.

What was our first typhoon like?  A bit cloudy, that’s for sure.  We did experience heavy rain and strong winds from time to time.  We were able to venture outside and go to dinner at a Chinese family’s home.

This morning Callie and I dared to go outside for a morning jog.  To our dismay we came upon a scene of carnage and devastating destruction at our local park.  There were fallen trees and snapped limbs everywhere.  Broken branches.  Cats and dogs, living together.  Mass hysteria.

Even worse, we saw a small branch which had managed to fall on a motorized vehicle.  A scooter.  Fortunately, the scooter did not topple.

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