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Giant River Otter in Manu Park

by Jason on July 16, 2012

Today Ingrid and I went out onto the oxbow lake, Cocha Cashu, to look for birds and the giant river otters. Today did not disappoint. We saw dozens of species of birds, including many types of herons, casakes, swallows, water somethings, green ibises, macaws, vultures, hoatzins and more.

On our way back we finally saw the giant river otters. These creatures really are something to behold. They travel in families. They are playful and aggressive. They are fearless hunters. The caimans run away from them. They are an apex predator. They were hunted almost nearly to extinction because of their pelt. They only exist in a few places in the world now, one of them being here at Manu Park, which hasn’t been impacted by humans. The pics are below.

I also included the photo of the jaguar tracks I saw. Apparently, the jaguar tracks followed the tapir tracks, which I didn’t see.

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