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Chuan zhen ji – Chinese for “fax”

by Jason on November 2, 2010

Yes!! I had my first successful mini-conversation today with a Chinese person.  I formed a complete sentence and the Chinese girl understood!  She responded in Chinese and I understood at least half the sentence.

If you would like to know, the words I said were “ni you chuan zhen ji ma?”  which means, “do you have a fax?”  She said yes.  Later she told me that the fax worked.  I understood the “fax” part of it.

I did even better when I communicated “yi zhang zhi” which means “one piece of paper.”  And that’s even more difficult for those of you who are familiar with the measure words in Chinese.

Seriously, though, in a lot of ways Chinese is MUCH easier than Spanish or any of the Latin languages.  It’s such a simple language.  But at the same time, writing is NOT easy to say the least, and I sure wish they had a wider scope of pronunciation so that not every word sounded the same or meant the same thing.  The 4 tones for every pronunciation that each can mean a different word is a bit fastidious too.  But hey, I do love the overall simplicity of the language.

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