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Callie’s September Objectives

by Jason on September 11, 2020

Finish my mini greenhouse in the yard – engage in my yard and growing.
Exercise 5x a week for 20 minutes which could include anything.
Finish out Egoscue strong in September.
Practice my 6:30 – 8:00pm juice up. Have good energy until 10pm at night.
Tan my body and bare my tummy
Being the first to say hello, hug and kiss, and ask how someone is.
Gratitude Practices with kiddos and my morning.
Outline my new business and decide on first 3 steps.
Clarify my next learning goal.
Reset to tone for Tierra de Suenos and the management of the business.
Solidify my investing organization.
Tune into my food still. Really feel if I’m hungry and really feel what my body wants to eat.

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