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Callie’s October Objectives

by Jason on October 15, 2020

Organize little vice and drill for jewelry making.
Practice to only eat when hungry and only eat what I love.
Exercise 6x a week for 20 minutes which could include anything. Going to try to do this typically at 4pm but could be in the AM or mid day as well.
Stretch & Strength every weekday morning.
Practice my 6:30 – 8:00pm juice up. Have good energy until 10pm at night.
Tan my body, bum, and bare my tummy. Get a new bikini.
Being the first to say hello, hug and kiss, and ask how someone is. Make fun dates with friends.
Learning and business goal will be to learn Spooky2. To do this I will buy a computer soon.
Learning goal will be to pick all my RSP investments using learned formulas.
Reading & math goal with Eliana – one activity everyday leading up to new PJs.
No dairy and no gluten.
Get seeds and or plants for my little greenhouse, move my planting table, and plant the old wheelbarrow full of something 😉
Really feel if I’m hungry and really feel what my body wants to eat. Choose to eat the absolute best for me no matter the external conditions. (Do not order or eat what you don’t want – only your top pick!)
Dance more – especially when cooking or with the kids.
Start the family meal menu book which will be our favorite recipes that the family loves to eat together.
Buy the cable to hardwire the internet for our computers….now I will need three cords. Or something that splits the signal on one DSL cord.
Practice using my stand up work set up when working on the computer for a long time.

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