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Callie’s June 2020 Objectives

by Jason on June 1, 2020

Prelude: I have wanted to start publishing my goals and objectives and am using our very very old blog to do so. ūüėȬ†Follow up.

1. Start to publish my monthly goals / objectives on this blog. Yes. And will continue.
2. Reduce the wifi emissions in our home by turning off the wifi at night.¬†Yes we started doing this regularly and it’s been working great. I’m setting up cables direct to our computers to see if we can have it off at other times as well. I’ll be working on this in July.¬†
3. Enjoy all Sunday’s without doing any work and with limiting electronic access to organize dates with friends, looking up recipes or project related items (how to). Basically only personal items. No specific physical practice or meditation. No commitments, just free flowing.¬†I’m not sure how I did with this. I think well but I didn’t observe myself. Maybe that was the idea – jaja!
4. Align my daily diet more towards a keto style with fairly low carbs and no grains, minimal natural sugars. High fat and veg. I sucked at this, was super emotional, and decided I should not have any particular structure to my eating and should PAY MORE ATTENTION to what my body was asking for. 
5. Enjoy time restricted feeding on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for 8 hours. Black coffee in the morning.¬†I have been drinking black coffee more often in the morning. This has been really challenging for me but really good as well. I’m happy as it’s been a goal in the back of my mind for a long time.¬†I’m going to keep up this practice.
6. Restrict all dairy (except heavy cream and butter), nuts, meats, lentils and beans on Wednesdays. Keeping protein intake ultra low 15-25 grams. Nope.
7. Unsubscribe from all newsletters that contain content and offers that I have exposed myself to repeatedly. Those that I want to remain subscribed to but don’t want to focus on I will immediately delete. My objective here is to expand the content I’m taking in to subjects outside of my regular wheelhouse.¬†Yes, I cleaned this up to be focused on what I wanted. It was really good.¬†
8. Focus, in a steady way, on resolving my back pain using my list of most useful activities. These will include:
a) 4 massages with Molly Рif possible Yes
b) Egoscue review and update Yes, so happy about the outcome.
c) 3x a week natural movement flow at 4pm Yes, to more movement but not at a set time.
d) dance weekly on Fridays I did this until the class stopped running. It was also great. 
e) yoga class on the weekend¬†It’s been where ever about once a week. Not specifically on the weekend. I’ve been really free flowing.¬†
f) meditating on releasing tension¬†Yes, this has been helpful and I’ll continue this.
g) doing processing for release any emotional components¬†Yes, although I haven’t found many specific to my back.
h) going to see Christina for one or more sessions Yes, the summary of that was that I needed to include more social activity with friends. I have been consciously trying to add this in more, invite people out and over. I will continue to work on this.
9. Finish reading my current book plus two more¬†I only finished my current book. I realized I can only get in about 10 pages a day on average unless I really set aside some reading time. I’ll continue with a goal of about 10 pages a day.
10. Get BAC cards for personal and business from Limon. Yes done although I was not able to use them successfully as of yet. 

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