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Callie’s July 2020 Objectives

by CallieDawn on July 2, 2020

1. Publish my goals and objectives. – Done
2. Set up internet cables and organize adapters to use internet through DSL cables and be able to keep the wifi off at other times of the day. – Need to find a very specific cable for this that apparently we can only get in a specialty store.
3. Get personal $ flowing to Costa Rica more easily. Finally figured this out for the time being. How to withdraw and with little cost.
4. PAY MORE ATTENTION to what my body is asking for. Really focusing on my food and what my body is telling me to eat and when. Similar with movement and other health practices. – Yes. This has been amazing.
5. Black coffee in the morning. Yes, also been really impactful and will continue this.
6. Continue to eat gluten and dairy free. Yes. Has been great.
7. Read 10 pages daily. Read my leadership course documents as well as my nonviolent communication book. I ended up reading the Ascent of Humanity and not my leadership books or non violent communication but it’s been great. My reading practice of 10 pages a day has been relatively successful. I do it about 5-6 days a week. I intend to keep this practice going to the best of my ability as it’s been years since I’ve read consistantly.
8. Finish my mini greenhouse in the yard. Transplant one banana plant and the extra yuca. Green House not finished yet.
9. Get insurance money invested in a TFSA after my taxes for 2019 are paid. Yes, TFSA up and running which is great.
10. Exercise 3x a week which could include – (ride bike to town and back, big hike, fitness, dance, or yoga class, inline skate for 30 minutes, run sprints or regular) Well I really haven’t been able to do this cause of my hip injury and then later in the month hurt my back. This will continue forward as a creation in process.
11. Possibly the most important objective on this list. Entirely recreate my relationship with Jason :O. Having a completely different reaction to him then I would have previously. Seeing him fresh every single day and hearing him for the first time with zero predetermined ideas about what may or may not happen. Yes, definitely.
12. Follow my most recent theme Timeless Fun Freedom and Pleasure As a practice this last month I wrote out that which is Fun for me:
1. Cooking
2. Coloring and Painting
3. Dancing
4. Eating out
5. Making a homemade domestic product for others
6. Teaching Yoga
7. Beading
8. Music to collect and listen to
9. Investing
10. Graphics
11. Frisbee
12. Reading
13. Journeying Lightly
14. Guiding others back to themselves
15. Bookkeeping for my businesses only
16. Self discovery of my way 90% substance free using breath, practice, meditation, dance, appointments, dyads, sessions
17. Counseling Guiding & Coaching
18. Non violent communication
19. Building and buying rentals when the time is right
20. Socializing

Having gone away twice I didn’t get to go these things as much as I wanted but they did happen and I’m loving the experience of pleasure and enjoyment rather than have to.

If it’s not on the list I probably don’t find it fun. I will consider this before taking action on things.
***Addition – Review stock news daily in the morning at 7am before markets open at 7:30am. This will be a practice / habit to solidify. I decided against this in the end.

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