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Where Does All the Gas Come From?

by CallieDawn on September 15, 2010

As I believe we said before there are an endless number of scooters on the roads here, lots of taxi cabs and then lastly vehicles. I have also noticed one lonely hybrid vehicle since arriving. (I think because there is no prestige in a hybrid they are not very popular here). Essentially all gas operated vehicles.

Well we were walking home last night and came across a gas station. Not a big deal right…well it was the first one we had seen in 11 days here! And it’s not like we have been in one place, we have managed to cover a whole lot of the city by foot, bus, and high speed metro called the MRT. Getting familiar with the different areas of the city to make a decision about where to settle for this year…and yet no sign of any gas stations???

Perhaps with all the low consumption scooters and high speed rail riders they only need one gas station in a city of 3 million. Hard to say but needless to say we now know where all the gas comes from. Poor gas station attendants, they must be run off of their feet!

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