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The Power of Creation in the Amazon Jungle

by Jason on October 5, 2012

One of my biggest intentions heading into Manu National Park in the Amazon Jungle on the Men’s Adventure Group was learning about HOW CREATION HAPPENS. If you want to make something happen and manifest your intention into reality, how does that occur? I was hoping the jungle and Mother Nature would teach me. And She did not disappoint.

The first morning in the jungle we got WAY more than we bargained for. We went out for an hour before breakfast to see bird species. In an instant, we were overwhelmed with how many species of bird were appearing. Almost every few seconds our guide would be pointing at a new species. We could barely keep up. We even saw the black-backed tody flycatcher, a species that birdwatchers go crazy for.

In the afternoon, we were again overwhelmed by many species of ornate birds. The first day alone we saw nearly 60 species of colorful birds. We experienced many hoatzins, and we were mesmerized by a baby hoatzin being covered by her mom.

Then we saw a mammal scurrying through the bamboo. Our guide identified the mammal as a bamboo rat. I learned that bamboo rats are very rare to see. Later that evening, someone mentioned capybaras, the largest rodent which is bigger than a dog.

I connected with Mother Nature, and I asked her if we could see a capybara on the trip. Within minutes out on the lake, we had seen at least four capybaras.

That night, Bruce said it would be awesome to see a snake. The next day we saw three snakes, including a coral snake, which again are difficult to spot. We also saw an indigo snake swimming across the river in front of us.

The next evening Thomas remarked that he would love to see some large mammals. Again, I connected with Mother Nature that evening and asked for some large mammals on the trip. The next morning we were motoring upriver, and two huge tapirs swam across the river right in front of us. Tapirs are about 500 lbs. 10 minutes after that a peccary swam right in front of us. At that point our guide remarked, “F—ing lucky guys!”

The final straw was when Bruce said he would love to see an owl, which are incredibly hard to see. A week later, we were walking at noon in the middle of the day. Bruce was leading, the only time he was leading. And in an instant, an owl flew three feet in front of his face. But not just any owl, the crested owl, one of the most magnificent looking owls.

We were blown away with what Mother Nature was providing for us. We ended up seeing hundreds of species on this trip. The first week felt like a month because of the absolute overwhelm of wildlife and the variety of species we were seeing.

But the reason we saw so much is because none of us had any idea of what to expect on this trip. We didn’t know much about the jungle or the species there. So anything that we saw from the very beginning was a bonus. We also created a magical group feeling amongst us, a camaraderie. We would set our intentions and ask Mother Nature to see something, but we really had no attachment to it. It didn’t matter to us whether we saw an animal or not. Mother Nature provided way more than enough species, even overwhelmed us.

We knew we were taken care of, so we didn’t NEED to see anything. And when we asked for something, we always made sure to connect with nature and to thank her for everything she had given us. We also did our part with the help of our guide to make sure we knew where the animals were at.

For example, our guide knew the jaguars tend to be on the river banks early morning no later than 8 am at a certain place at a certain time of the year. So we were prepared as well. And then Mother Nature did the rest.

I learned that the FOUNDATION OF CREATION is being AT ONE with Mother Nature, with your environment around you. When I was in union with nature, I was already in bliss and that was the pinnacle, the end of everything that I had been seeking. I was already complete. And from that place, CREATION BEGAN.

Creation began after I was already in connection, after I was already fulfilled. When I didn’t need anything. So creation became this fun and exciting game to play. And each creation, like seeing the jaguars or experiencing the river otters, was more awe-inspiring with each time, with each new animal.

What profound lessons I learned from the Amazon Jungle while I was in Manu Park.

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Marilyn February 17, 2015 at 8:07 am

“Creation began after I was already in connection, after I was already fulfilled. When I didn’t need anything. ”

I love this concept. The most powerful part of ‘Ask and you shall receive’ is never about the ‘needing’…..and all about creating the space for (doing the and being able (calm, resting, patiently recognizing) to receive the gift.

In that space, the gift manifested is always unique to (and more magnificent in its impact than) anything I might have conceived by myself.


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