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The First Week at Cocha Cashu

by Jason on July 15, 2012

I am definitely on jungle time out here at Cocha Cashu in Manu Park. I feel the remoteness. There are no other people other than the 6 of us here. And there won’t be another boat here until Aug 3rd. That’s it. It’s just us and the jungle.

I can see the stars so brilliantly at night. The jungle is alive with sounds during every second of the day. I can’t identify most of what I am hearing. I just heard some macaws and some loud howler monkeys with their terrible roars. I heard the grunts of the caimans earlier, the squawking of many types of birds and more. I constantly hear nuts and other items falling to the ground from above, mostly from monkeys and birds discarding their leftovers.

And the monkeys are always around. You couldn’t avoid monkeys here if you wanted to. Even if I don’t leave the lodge during a given day, I still see monkeys at least 3-4 times a day and probably more if I paid attention. Same thing with caimans and giant river otters. You can’t not see them. Same with macaws and dozens of species of birds, butterflies and other insects.

All I have done my first week in the jungle is relax. So much relaxing. It feels like I’ve been here an eternity. Next week is when we start our 12-day bushwhacking fest picking up the camera traps.

I am missing my wife and missing family and friends. I wish I wasn’t doing this part of the trip alone. One thing I’ve realized being in the jungle is I love making memories and experiences with people close to me much more than I do going to exotic places alone. These 6 weeks here in Cashu I won’t have anyone else to share them in the circle of people I know.

Below I have a picture of a caiman, a spider monkey and a few species of butterfly. One species has the logo ’88’ inscribed into its wings. I was amazed to see so many of these butterflies all with ’88’ inscribed into their zebra-like wings.

I also have posted a picture of my view of the oxbow lake every morning – Cocha Cashu – as well as a picture of the kitchen, one of only 3 buildings here.

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