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Thank you, Ann!

by Jason on September 23, 2010

Kent’s wife, Ann, has been just as big a life-saver as Kent.  Callie and I have been looking for a permanent place to stay here in Taiwan.  Ann, who is native Taiwanese, offered to help us find a place to live mainly by translating the housing pages on the internet in Chinese and also speaking to the Chinese owners.

Well, Ann found the perfect place for Callie and me which we’ll be moving into next week.  The place is a two-bedroom condo on the 22nd floor of 23 floors.  Our building overlooks the river as it flows into the ocean.

Ann called the lady, spoke to her in Chinese and arranged a time for us to meet.  She and Kent have been saviors for us here in Taiwan.  They are so eager and helpful in their service to us.  I am truly humbled to have met them.

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