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Taipei 101: The 2nd Tallest Building

by Jason on September 5, 2010

On our third day here, Kent took us down to Taipei 101 which is the second tallest building in the world. Taipei 101 used to be the tallest until a few years ago when the Dubai building opened up. We have yet to make it to the top, but we will attempt to summit soon weather permitting. Might I say that I soon learned that Taiwan has absolutely everything America has to buy, if not more. Or at least that’s how it seemed after I¬†saw blocks upon blocks and stories upon stories of infinite shopping of everything you could possibly want close to Taipei 101. So Taipei 101 is 101 stories high. Coincidence in the name? I think not. Here are some photos of the behemoth that this building is. Yes, my wife keeps reminding me that I need to include people in my photos as I most often forget. More people next time, I promise.

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