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Night Markets

by Jason on September 7, 2010

Callie and I are both morning people, but we would both consider becoming night owls after seeing the night markets here.

Last night, we were strolling along minding our own business on our date night, when suddenly we stumbled upon a huge conglomeration of people and stuff. A whole city block had been invaded by street vendors all lined up in a neatly order.

Tons of people meandered up and down the street. The whole block was bustling with activity. There must have been hundreds of vendors from which to buy all kinds of food.

I told Callie we’ll have to go back for another date night BEFORE eating, unlike tonight. And we’ll spend the whole night snacking and experimenting with all the different foods there.

There were fresh fruit drinks, spicy sausages, pho, lots of soups, lots of dishes with noodles, spices, and meats, fresh seafood, goosehead (don’t ask,) and tons of other things. There were also prawns in a tub of water still walking around. A lady next to us picked the two that she wanted. The vendor picked the prawns up while still alive, pierced them with skewers all the way through, and tossed them on the fryer. Poor little prawns.

Two aspects I love about Taiwan are the individual creativity and entrepreneurialism I see here. So many people are entrepreneurs here and have their own businesses. So many individual restaurants and store fronts exist with their own creativity. It reminds me of how America used to be before we had Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, and lots of steady-paying jobs to keep us comfy.

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