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Mini-America on an Island, Part II

by CallieDawn on September 12, 2010

So at this point it’s going to sound like I’m ranting…and to be honest I am. There is so much shopping here!!! So many trendy chain stores with beautiful fashion models adorning their walls on large poster boards and very sexy girls selling a multitude of items that will surely make you more beautiful. Initially I didn’t notice what was all around me as the shopping malls are a little obscure. The majority of the chain stores are not found on street fronts, the corners of major intersections or even in sprawling malls that are so common in Canada. But rather, like many big cities, they are in buildings that are minimum of four levels and higher. Many consume the first seven to eight levels in sky scraper sized buildings and they are packed to the brim with happy shoppers doped up on Starbucks and Coldstone Ice Cream. The condition is far worse then even West Edmonton Mall on a panicked Christmas Eve.

Jason and I walked into just such a place this afternoon to go to a food market that tends to have more American types of foods available. It’s called Jason’s Market – of all the place to find a business named after him, it was here in China. Level 1 we pass by Coldstone Creamery and manage to escape without an ice cream purchase only to get to level 3 and come face to face with a second Coldstone Creamery only two escalator rides away. Oh my…

The Taiwanese (at least here in Taipei) love to shop. They like nice things and it shows, as they are all well dressed with the latest fashions and trends. I guess being a part of the Republic of China doesn’t doom you to the monotony of communism. Who knew?

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