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Men’s Adventure Group in Manu Park – Days 1-2

by Jason on September 27, 2012

This video comprises the first two days of our Men’s Adventure Group in Manu National Park in the Amazon Jungle in Peru. The first day we drove most of the day from Cusco from 10,000 ft in elevation down through the Andes and into the jungle near 2,000 ft. What a beautiful and majestic drive. We were driving alongside steep cliffs most of the time. We saw a number of birds, including the Cock of the Rock.

The second morning we began experiencing the jungle full on. Or rather, the jungle overwhelmed us with her sheer abundance and variety of life. We saw nearly 30 species of ornate birds in 90 minutes even before breakfast. Our guide was pointing out the birds so quickly we couldn’t keep track of them all or look at them quick enough. In some cases, we only had a few seconds to look at a species before another species would pop up. The birds seemed to descend upon us in rapid fire.

Amongst the birds, we also saw the black-backed tody flycatcher, which is a bird that bird watchers apparently go crazy to see because of the rarity of which the bird is seen. With the afternoon combined, we saw almost 60 species of bird the second day.

We also saw the bamboo rat, which is incredibly rare to see. At the end of the night, we saw a capybara too, which is the largest rodent species. We saw an opossum and numerous frogs, spiders and insects.

We felt like we experienced a week in one day.

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