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Manu Birding Tour in Peru

andean cock of the rockWhy go bird watching in Peru?

– Peru rivals Columbia and Brazil for most number of bird species in the world.
– Approximately 1,879 known bird species occur in Peru, almost 19% of the world’s species.
– 139 ENDEMIC species exist in Peru

Why go bird watching in Manu?

– Manu National Park has more than 1,000 species of birds, 10% of the world total.
– More than 500 species can be found in the cloud forest and another 500 in the lowlands.
– In a 14-day guided tour, birdwatchers can regularly expect to observe between 450-500 species.
– If you add in another week for a Southern Andes extension, you can expect to see between 600-700 species.

These are only SOME of the species we have seen in the cloud forest on our adventures.

In addition to seeing hundreds of bird species, Manu also has some of the highest biodiversity of flora and fauna in the world.  In past trips while birding, we have encountered and have the possibility of encountering giant river otters, caimans, 10 or more species of monkeys, jaguar, capybara, tapir and many other animals of the jungle.  Some of the other species we have seen are below:

Our Guide:  Lelis Navarrete

At 41 years of age, Lelis Navarrete has 16 years of experience as a birding guide. Lelis has vast experience as tour leader in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Peru, and this spring will be training in Panama, another country you can bird with Lelis and Neblina Forest Birding tours. A Biology B.Sc., graduated at Universidad Catolica in Quito. His scientific contributions have been part of the work of John Moore: several CDs of Ecuadorian Birds Songs and Calls, and the rediscovery of Striated antbird; and the work of Robert S. Ridgely: discovering of the Jocotoco antpitta, first records of Crested becard, and Spot-throated hummingbird. In solo, he has reported new species for the Ecuador bird list: Andean Tyrant and White-backed stilt, Peruvian antpitta, and extended the range of several other species in the countries he visits. Lelis is regarded as one of the finest birding guides in South America for his knowledge of the birds and their vocalizations. Lelis is familiar and able to recognize the calls and sounds of some 2400 South American species, and nearly 8000 bird vocalizations. Lelis has ALWAYS received the highest rankings from client comments, and all his tour participants use him as a benchmark for all birding guides. With all this background as a field naturalist birder, Lelis is unparalleled for his people skills, attentiveness, humor and organizational skills.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1:  Depart from Cusco and birding transfer to Huayquecha.

Day 2:  Birding transfer to Cock of the Rock After Night Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge.

Days 3-5:  Birding the Manu road at different elevations using the Cock of the Rock lodge as base camp.

Day 6:  Birding transfer to Amazonia Lodge. Night Amazonia Lodge.

Days 7-8:  Amazonia Full day Night Amazonia Lodge.  One of this days we might head back across the Madre de Dios river.

Day 9:  Amazonia to Manu Wild Life Center.

Days 10-13:  Manu Wild Life Center.   The Giant Otter is also one of the main attractions of the region.

Day 14:  Macaw clay lick.  Depart for boat ride to Puerto Maldonado and flight back to Cusco.


Day 15:  For those taking the extension to Machu Picchu, TRAIN TO AGUAS CALIENTESNight Hotel in Aguas Calientes.

Day 16:  After an early breakfast we will have a 6:00 AM bus ride p to the entrance gate of Pacchu Pichu ruins.

Day 17:  Afternoon train ride back to Cusco. NOT INCLUDE LUNCH OR DINNER FOR THIS DAY

Day 18:  Morning flight back to Lima and connections with the international flights back to home


June 10-23, 2015


– Custom tours available
– If you have been to Manu before and want to focus on specific lifers, we can organize this.

My Vision

I LOVE organizing trips around the world. I love organizing once-in-a-lifetime trips to spectacular places that most people would never otherwise even know about and never have the opportunity to visit.

I am also an avid birdwatcher. Manu is what first peaked my interest in birding. I originally went to Manu to see jaguars. I did indeed see jaguars, AND I developed a new found love for birds. My background is as a business coach. I spend half my time planning trips and half my time helping businesses and individuals reach their dreams.

When I travel, what’s MOST IMPORTANT for me are the PEOPLE I travel with. With positive, uplifting people who interact, share with and support each other, trips can go from being really good to being one of those rare experiences that you hold close to you for the rest of your life.

All this means is that if you are interested in coming with us, I will interview you and you can interview me. My intent is to bring people on these trips that ADD to the group and positively contribute to the experience the entire group is having.

If this is you and you are serious about considering this trip, please contact me at jasonwestlakecoach (@) or at 360-799-3033.

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