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Machete Use 101 in Manu Park

by Jason on August 5, 2012

Juan, our Machiguenga friend, taught me how to use a machete. I can now say I’ve taken Machete Use 101. I’m not the best, and I have lots more to practice to become functional in machete use, but I at least know the basics.

First, you cut at the base of anything you chop at. Second, you always slice at an angle, about a 60 degree angle. Never at a 90 degree angle. That made a huge difference for me. The last part is that you always want to slice at the end of the blade where the blade curves upward. Otherwise, you won’t cut anything.

The last two lessons were the most important. When I first started cutting, I couldn’t cut anything. After that little lesson, branches and trees would fall very quickly, often with one slice.

That being said, I still have a long ways to go. Thank you, Juan, my Machiguenga friend, for showing me the basics of Machete 101.

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