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Living the Life You Want

Hello friend,

Thank you for your inquiry and intent on living the life you want.  An email containing the “5 Steps to Living the Life You Want” will be sent to your account shortly.

Please enjoy a poem I’ve written below on Commitment.

Moment of Decision

On the edge of the high dive I am perched
Studying the uninviting waters below
Trembling and shivering in fear
Contemplating whether to jump or stand still

At the edge of the dance floor I’m hidden
Avoiding the eye contact of others
Wondering what judgements may come
Pondering whether to dance or go home

At the tip of the phone lie my fingers
I wonder what message I’ll convey
Hoping I won’t be rejected
Debating whether to call or hang up

Buried in my pocket lies the ring
I rehearse the words I will say
Hoping she won’t turn me down
Undecided as to ask or hold peace

At the top of the slope I am waiting
Peering down at the mountain below
Doubting I’ll come out alive
Not sure whether to leap or stay here

At the start of the quest I prepare
Noticing the staggering obstacles
Dreading and fearing the course
Postponing my momentous decision

Pacing the floor, not sure what I’ll choose—
The life of no work and lazy indifference
Of inaction, regret, remorse, and disdain
The path of least resistance, no reward and no pain

Or do I choose the path more challenging—
The life involving risk and an equal reward
A life of stretching and growth, of plenty frustration
Of meaning and purpose, happiness and elation

I teeter and totter on the brink of decision
Weighing the course of life in my hands
Time winds to a halt, the whole world pausing too
I’m in the eye of the hurricane, quiet and still
. . . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . .

Succumbing to the thundering voice inside
I back down and scurry away in defeat
But an intense, burning fire ignites in its place
As courage overwhelms me from deep down inside

I blast into action and take that first step
The point of no return passed, I run on ahead
The planets align, and Providence rushes in
All obstacles cowering and melting away

Equipped with energy I couldn’t summon before
Fear buckles under the pressure of my focused intent
Relieved that I’ve chosen the path far less traveled
I run unimpeded by the immobile herd

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