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Here comes the Ice Cream Man!

by CallieDawn on September 29, 2010

Everyday from our apartment we get the opportunity to hear the ‘Fur Elise’ chimed out slowly from the street’s edge summoning people from their homes out to meet the beautiful melody passing by…only to come face to face with…the Garbage Man???  Yes, that is right, garbage pick up here is very in the moment!  Thankful we are in a big apartment building where that is not the case.  However there is so little space in the city you can’t just leave you garbage out on the curb like in America.  Cause one – it’s HOT and that would smell real bad.  Two – there would be no where left for anyone to walk as their side walks are already home to thousands of parked and moving scooters.  And three — well with three million people in a really small space it’s just not a good idea.  So you will actually see groups of people emerging in large numbers as the lovely chime starts to approach their homes, with pink (most garbage bags are translucent pastel colours) bags full of , well, garbage!

As for the Ice Cream Man, well his gig includes this really loud, obnoxious horn that would make any one mad if they had to listen to it for more then a mere minute or two.  Needless to say I’m more drawn to want to cause him harm then to buy his ice cream.  I think that may be his ploy however, as it really does get your attention, and not in a passive, dreamy, reminiscent of childhood way.  It’s definitely more of a “move to action” type of audio prompt.  Not my favourite.

I’ve heard that the Recycling Man also has a lovely chime too based on a classical master piece, but I have yet to experience this type of street serenading.  Oh well, all in good time!

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