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Footprint Possibly From Uncontacted Tribe in Peru

by Jason on July 9, 2012

The most interesting part was halfway on our trip we got out to go to the bathroom on a sand bar. Lisa, John Terborgh’s wife, saw an old human footprint. The footprint was barefoot.The footprint did not lead to the water. But there were footprints leading back into the bush. We can’t say for sure what it was, but the most logical conclusion that all of us came to, including actual scientific researchers (but who wouldn’t say with 100% certainty) is that it was a footprint of one of the uncontacted tribes.

Why? Because where we were at there are no other humans other than them. And if it led back to the water, it could have been one of us researchers or one of a few other passerby’s. The footprint was also located by a creek. The uncontacted tribes will often come to the Manu River by creeks to collect turtle eggs.

Needless to say, I felt like I was in another world, like time had just regressed into the past by 100 years or more. Apparently, these uncontacted tribes surround us at Cocha Cashu. They are very stealthy and always hiding from view. But they do watch us from time to time. And they have come to Cocha Cashu before. A whole family. One of the Machiguenga’s approached them once, and he received a volley of arrows before hiding behind his boat. They found bones of tapirs and monkeys as well as a human placenta after the tribes had left.

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