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Elephant Ride, Chiang Mai, Thailand

by Jason on December 22, 2010

Today Callie and I went on an elephant ride in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  We crossed a river on elephant.  I rode on the neck.  Callie got some sunbathing on top of the elephant.  We watched an elephant show as well.

Some of the highlights – watching an elephant kick a basketball.  Seeing an elephant stand on its hind legs and then only its front legs.  Watching an elephant paint an amazing picture.  Seeing the elephants dance, sit, blow water, bathe, and much more.  They’ve even trained the elephants to collect tips.  When the elephants get money, they go give it to the banana lady, and the banana lady gives them a whole sleeve of bananas.  I’ve included as much as I can in the photos below.  Just click on them to enlarge.  You’ll probably want to.

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