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Dogs Are Smart Here

by Jason on November 19, 2010

The dogs here in Taiwan keep surprising every day.  The dogs really know what’s going on here.  And I’m not talking about all the purse dogs smaller than a house cat that are dressed up in clothes and little mini-blouses — because there’s quite a bit of those here too.

I’m talking about the stray dogs — there are tons of them — that wander the streets of Taipei.  These dogs really know what’s going on.  I saw one dog one evening during the rain waiting on the sidewalk of a busy intersection.  The dog knew exactly where to cross the road and when to cross.  When the crosswalk sign turned green, he walked across the street all by himself and went along his merry way.

Another time I saw a dog in Yehliu on a 2 way street.  The dog crossed halfway and waited on the yellow line for cars to pass.  One car, however, wanted to make a U-turn where the dog was at.  So the car gently nudged the dog.  That dog did not back down.  The dog held his ground and barked and barked.  That dog knew he had the right of way.  That dog knew he was doing what was right by being on the yellow line out of the way of that car.

The most dumbfounding experience, though, was when my wife and I were waiting for the elevator on the 22nd floor.  The elevator door opens and out walks a dog.  Only a dog.  No human.  Nothing else.  The dog walked out and trotted along his merry way as if he knew exactly where he was going.

My wife and I stepped into the elevator and looked at each other.  We’ve just learned to accept that dogs here really do know where they are going and what they are doing.

I think I know some people back home that could benefit from these dogs.

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