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Chopsticks & Bamboo

by Jason on September 23, 2010

There are so many new subjects to write about as we experience Taiwan.  I can’t remember them all as fast as I’m experiencing them.

First, chopsticks.  I hated chopsticks before.  They just got in the way of me eating.  I always avoided them.  Now I can’t.  I’m so proud to say that I’ve been picking up somewhat on the art of chopsticks.  I am pretty comfortable on two of the three chopstick techniques–scooping, stabbing and grabbing.

I am so happy to say I know how to scoop rice and other small pieces of food that use to frustrate me so much.  I like the stabbing method as well.  Easy and provides lots of satisfaction.  The one I’m still having trouble with is grabbing, especially depending upon the shape and slipperiness of varying food items.  I’m OK with sweet and sour chicken, but long steamed veggies still squirm away from me, as do squid.

Next subject, bamboo.  You can eat bamboo (it tastes pretty good.)  You can fight with bamboo.  You can make clothing with bamboo.  You can build with bamboo.  Much of the scaffolding here is made of bamboo.  Apparently, bamboo is the Oriental version of hemp.  I don’t think you can smoke bamboo, though.  Bamboo is the Superman of plants.  It can do anything.

Many of you probably have heard the story of how bamboo grows.  For the first three years, bamboo is still under the ground building its roots.  There’s no sign of it even being there or producing any results.  In the fourth year, it can grow more than eighty feet in a very short time.  The bamboo story is told mainly to convey that you must be persistent and that results can come in your life if you are patient and stick with it.

These are my random musings for today.

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