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Callie’s November Objectives

by Jason on November 14, 2020

Garden & Kids – Start garden project with the kids – Weekends, Mondays, Afternoons.
Eating & Wellness – Practice to only eat when hungry and only eat what I love. Really feel if I’m hungry and really feel what my body wants to eat. Choose to eat the absolute best for me no matter the external conditions. (Do not order or eat what you don’t want – only your top pick!) – continued.
Exercise – you sneaky snake. I haven’t figured you out yet. My goal for this month will be to figure this out. I have been riding my bike more which I love. I have the objective to buy a pair of adult goggles the next time I see some. I also want to get a kettlebell hopefully next week. Yoga on the weekends with Jason is terrific too and I’ll keep that up. Tuesdays strength training with Chris starts again soon. And now yoga on Thursday as well. But there is more here for me….
I think the way that I will approach this is find my SET POINT – and then make sure to never get away from this.
Wellness – Stretch & Strength every weekday morning. Continued.
Meditation & Capacity – Practice my 6:30 – 7:30pm juice up. Have good energy until 10pm at night. Continued and has evolved into my meditation practice. I’m not committed to doing holosync almost every night of the week and moving through their audio levels. I feel this is the best tool for me currently.
Body – Radical self acceptance. Bare my tummy and my bum. Do some naked pics. Get a new bikini. Get a short shirt to wear. Be BOLD.
Friends & Community – Being the first to say hello, hug and kiss, and ask how someone is. Make fun dates with friends. – Continued. This has been great and I’ll keep it up.
Career – Create two video bites, with Julies help, on the topics included in the bootcamp.
Money – Do an investing inventory review and check in on financial thermostat.
Career – Write up bootcamp schedule.
Career – Write up 5 out of 10 modules for the bootcamp.
Career – Do a newsletter for our upcoming bootcamp. Take two or more mini courses on social media, branding, etc.
Learning goal will be to pick all my RSP investments using learned formulas. – continued
Family & Kids – Dance more – especially when cooking or with the kids. Continued….I need to do it even more!!!
Family & Kids – Start the family meal menu book which will be our favorite recipes that the family loves to eat together. I didn’t get to this but I’m going to leave it on the list as I really want to make progress on this.
Wellness – Buy the cable to hardwire the internet for our computers. Still in process but it will happen it’s just a matter of waiting till we can go to the right place.
Wellness – Practice using my stand up work set up when working on the computer for a long time. Continued. I love it and will keep going so that I can add strength, protect my back and keep on my feet.

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