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Buddhist Temple

by Jason on September 14, 2010

Yet again, Kent continues to be indispensable for us. Kent, doubling as our tour guide, escorted us to an old Buddhist Temple built hundreds of years ago.

I have no idea how old the temple is, but I do know the artwork, the carvery, the colors and the design are nothing short of spectacular, at least in my own humble opinion.

We did see a guy dressed up in a monk’s outfit. I’m not sure he was a real monk or not. Sometimes there are impersonators, or so I’ve been told.

Lots of Taiwanese people were lined up to pray to the big golden statues of Buddha. I was told by Kent that they are praying about lots of different things, similar to us in North America, or so I think. They’ll pray about the upcoming school year, work, career, relationships and I’m certain many other things I don’t know about.

That also reminds me that I’ve seen many a person burning fake money in the street. I’ve been told that the burning is to clear the path for more wealth to come in. But who knows, someone may be blowing smoke somewhere.

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