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Remote Raw Amazon – OFF LIMITS to Anyone

Untouched.  Remote.  Raw.

Imagine venturing into an area of the world with:

-A place that is OFF LIMITS to ANYONE worldwide, less one scientific group
-A place where you will NOT be a tourist, but a GUEST
-The highest biodiversity of species in the world
-One of the last untouched and fully intact jungles on the planet
-A place where you could see a wild jaguar face to face

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I had just been given authorization to enter the prohibited zone of Manu National Park. NO ONE is allowed in there – except for a small group of scientific researchers. I couldn’t believe I was being allowed to enter an area where fewer than 500 people worldwide have ever been permitted to go.

Manu was made off limits to anyone because of conservation purposes – so animals and the ecosystem could stay fully intact. And yet, I would be permitted to help the researchers on one of their projects, thus entering Manu.

During my stay there, I was overwhelmed with nature and wildlife. I saw FOUR JAGUARS in the wild, amongst countless other species. I noticed a passion to help with Manu rising from within me. I shared with the researchers my desire to help with the conservation of Manu. I shared with them my desire to educate key people about Manu through an exclusive leadership retreat into the restricted zone.

Again, I was shocked that I would receive permission to bring in a few extra people. So if you are reading this, you may be selected to be one of those people under very strict conditions. You must realize that this is not a tour group. You will be a guest in a place where no one else in the world is allowed to enter. You must have great respect for your environment.

This is not just a safari, although I was overwhelmed by wildlife on my previous outing. You will have a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME experience. You will be educated on the jungle and the threats it faces. You will interact with natives that have never experienced the outside world, who still hunt with bows and arrows from centuries ago. You will assist the scientific researchers on one of their projects.

If you would like the opportunity to be selected to go on this retreat, please fill out the information below. There is space for only 6 people. This is the first time and may well be the last that such an excursion will ever be permitted.

Once you fill out the information, you will receive more details on the itinerary. Dates of the retreat are Aug 24 – Sept 6, 2013. All deposits for the trip must be paid by June 1st, 2013. If you would like to be considered for this retreat, please fill out this request form right away as the group is nearly halfway full.

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